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Gun-free school zones establish a safe haven for shooters

To the editor,
In a recently past letter to the editor, an anti-gunner demanded a logical explanation. Logic, it is the one thing that totally escapes anti-gunners. One thing that has become extremely clear: anti-gunners have chosen to dance on the graves of dead children with their mantra "if only to save one child's life" while turning a blind eye to what has killed those children. The anti-gunners then have the gall to challenge that those who recognize their murderous methods for what they are, to provide "logical explanations" when they will not hear or see logic or facts!
Fact: Background checks do not work! In the Sandy Hook incident, the supposed perpetrator was denied a firearm purchase due to his background check. He murdered his own mother and acquired the tools he wanted. Logic: BACK GROUND CHECK DID NOT STOP HIM! BACK GROUND CHECKS DO NOT WORK! If it does not work, as has been proven, stop pursuing it!
Fact: Every mass shooting with a high body count has been perpetrated on defenseless victims in gun free zones! We have more than two decades of proof; since its inception in 1991, the Gun Free School Zones Act has provided a safe haven for perpetrators of gun violence. In the USA there have been 59 schools victimized due to the anti-gunner's favorite creation. Logic: Gun free zones are shooting galleries for those intent on mayhem and the highest body count they can get. Since it WILL save even one child, BAN GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES AND SAVE LIVES! All logic ignored or lost: "even to save the life of one child", anti-gunners will not allow the repeal of the gun free school zone act; they won't have more dead children's graves to dance on if that one life saving thing happens!
Fact: A mother hid with her two children in a crawl-way in their home when it was invaded. The invader found them, and she shot him multiple times to affect an escape — and the perpetrator STILL exited the house and drove away from the scene! What if the man had not been alone and she had to try and defend herself and her children from more than one home invader? Anti-gunners, explain to me why we should NOT be allowed to have the high capacity magazines necessary to defend our families? Give me a 100, a 1,000 rounds in one magazine, that I may effectively defend my home and loved ones!
Anti-gunners are incapable of seeing. They cannot think logically, and oh, do not confuse them with facts! Facts and logic mean nothing to them, or is lost on their need for emotional response. The gun control lobby will fight tooth and nail for a higher body count to serve their agenda of turning everyone into victims of gun violence. Their mantra "if only to save one more child" is their hollow feel-good chant while they deny the truth: THEY THEMSELVES ARE THE CAUSE OF THE MASS SHOOTINGS. They insist on protecting the criminals, making their job easier while trying to make law abiding citizens into criminals for simply having and using the tools they need to protect their homes and families.
A.C.R. Piper