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Fund set up to help landscaper devastated by building fire

To the editor
My name is Casandra, my boyfriend Kevin Hutchinson owns the property located at 749 White Oaks Road in Laconia, the property that sustained a huge loss when the arena that housed all of his landscape company's equipment burned, there was also a boat a couple of snowmobiles, jet skies, a box truck filled with personal/irreplaceable belongings, a few utility trailers a John Deer tractor, five snow plows, sander, many vehicles (six) parked directly outside of the arena were a total loss. The list is much more detailed but I think you can see how much this has affected the Hutchinson family.
The loss is even more devastating when we were informed that there was no insurance coverage for the arena and/or the material/s inside or out. The coverage that was in place was only on the house that is also on the property. The fire chief announced that there is an estimated loss amount of over $750,000. At this point Kevin cannot continue to run his landscape company as three of the four trucks were damaged the trailer/s in which he uses to haul away grass clippings, debris and to transport the commercial size lawn mowers, are considered a complete loss. Kevin also recently purchased three large piles of mulch an estimated $4,000 total in mulch stock and that was also ruined as they sustained fire and smoke damage.
I am asking that an article be placed on the front page of your newspaper sometime this week giving a short article and to inform the community, residents and business owners, \that there has been a donation account set up at the Bank of NH in the name of: The Kevin Hutchinson Fund. Anyone can make a donation to this fund by either calling or stopping into any one of the bank branches and giving them the name of the account. This account was set up by Kevin's two daughter's Kyrie and Katelyn Hutchinson. Also any kind of donation would be very much appreciated.
Casandra O'Reilly