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Here are services currently being provided by Blue Loon Transit

To the editor,
It was suggested by one of the passengers of the Blue Loon transit service that I send a letter clarifying services of the Blue Loon. It seems there is some confusion between the services that have been currently suspended and those that are still operating. The services that are still operating are the Dial-a-Ride services in North Conway, Conway, Albany, Madison, Tamworth, Chorcorua, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Freedom, Effingham, Ossipee, Center Harbor, and Wolfeboro. Also offered are two shopping trips a month that go to Rochester and North Conway. These shopping trips are prioritized for mature adults 60 and older and disabled individuals but the general public is welcomed if seats are available.
Also operating is the flex route to Laconia that makes three runs a day. Commuters going to work in Laconia can park their cars in the Tramway parking lot in West Ossipee and board the bus. Youth 18 and younger who may be working in the Laconia area for the summer should consider getting a youth pass – $30 for unlimited riding from the day after school ends to the day before the next school year begins.
To find out more about the service, operating hours, trips scheduling, fares for anyone under 60 years of age, etc. call 1-866-752-6890.
Beverly Raymond
Director of Transportation
Tri County Community Action Program, Inc.