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Change isn't all that hard to cope with; let's recycle more

To the editor,
I've always been a frugal person; partly out of necessity, mostly out of inclination. I've never had a dishwasher or microwave oven. We 've had a computer for several years, but not as long as most people. We drive older cars, but maintain them well. I don't even understand the concept of digital cameras. And,we've recycled for many years because it's as easy as throwing everything away at once, but less expensive, because you don't need plastic bags.
Now comes the threat of pay-to-throw garbage collection, which has been ongoing for the past three years or so, and a handful of people are trying to convince the majority of Laconians to throw away less real garbage, throw away more recyclables, save money, and do what's best for the environment, too. You wouldn't think it should be such a hard sell! And yet, the majority are set in their ways, and don't seem to realize that unless they immediately change their garbage disposal ways, they will pay the promised $1.75-$2. per bag to throw garbage away. And then it will be too late.
I mentioned the first paragraph because yesterday I went to develop some film. Yes, I only ever use the cheap, one-use cameras!, and was stunned — shocked is too mild a word! — to find the price was now $15 to develop what had until recently cost less than 10 dollars. I asked the clerk why the price had jumped so much, was it to make people buy digital cameras? Yes she replied, truthfully.
Well, half an hour later, after she educated me as to the convenience, versatility,and altogether economy of digital cameras — plus the first 100 pictures to be printed for free! — I reluctantly handed in my last camera to be developed, and left the store with a beginners digital camera and memory card. I even look forward to using it, and the pleasure of downloading photos to so easily e-mail them. As I left the store, I asked the clerk what I should do with my old Brownie camera. She was too young to remember that!
The analogy is that everyone must move with the times — it's not so painful. As other letter writers who already know, who are also trying to convince the majority who still don't recycle, if pay-to-throw comes in, you won't have a choice. Do it now, move with the times — it isn't hard to do at all.
Diane Lewis