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Winter Market's partnership with AutoServ has been rewarding

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To the editor,
I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation to the people of the Lakes Region and surrounding regions for bringing success to the Tilton Winter Farmers' Market for the second year. I was fortunate to have the generous support of AutoServ of Tilton and all their help with the location and marketing. With the dedicated participation of more than 44 local farmers and food producers, the market brought in about 1,700 shoppers every weekend from January through March, on both Saturdays and Sundays. Shoppers eagerly awaited the arrival of the weekend so they could purchase their fill of wholesome, local food and fresh produce. Our Facebook community of 867 fans, has become a hub of local food lovers, and was always a-buzz with recipe sharing and positive feedback about the market; it was always great to see the interactions and heartfelt enthusiasm of everyone.
My ongoing partnership with AutoServ of Tilton has been such a rewarding collaboration. I appreciate all the support from the Town of Tilton and the Tilton Police Department. This market has brought a steady flow of business to the area and has enabled me to open a summer market in Tilton this year. It is always a pleasure to work with people in the community that envision growth, access to local foods and innovation as a part of their leadership goals.
I would also like to thank Alex Ray and The Common Man for help with some of the operational expenses. Northway Bank also helped with some of the advertising expenses. WMUR Channel 9 featured the market on Cooks Corner to showcase our vendors, which was always very enjoyable to watch. The vendors themselves were all wonderful and so hardworking, bringing their enthusiasm for local food with them each week, and because of them our customer loyalty has been unsurpassed. . I also had a group of volunteers who helped the vendors with set-up and take-down and everything in–between.
I am now working on finding a home for the Tilton Winter Farmers' Market and request that anyone from the community who has a retail space with a large area for parking and would like to develop a collaboration, speak with me. I'd be honored to continue to bring a vibrant winter or year 'round farmers' market to the Lakes Region. Please give me a call at 603-496-1718. In the meantime, please support your local farmers and producers by shopping at the Tilton Farmers' Market opening this summer. Visit www.tiltonfarmersmarket.com for more details.
Joan O'Connor, Market Director
Tilton Winter Farmers Market