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Good old covered dish supper is best way to get people together

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To the editor,
Covered Dish Suppers are popular with churches, clubs, and other friendly organizations. Seems that I've enjoyed them at various churches for at least 74 years. On the way to last Sunday's excellent dinner at the Gilford Community Church, Joan and I discussed the problem with getting some older or disabled people to those, and their perception that one must bring some food. Not so! There is always more than twice the food that can be eaten! And always people willing to drive to bring those who might have transportation problems.
After waiting for about 25 minutes, and seeing the tremendous task ahead of consuming such a big variety of great food, I suggested to Pastor Michael Graham that getting started might be in order. His nice reply was it wasn't up to him, and, oh "I hope you don't plan to write an editorial on this". Hadn't crossed my mind till then. But thinking of the many good older friends who had not gotten there to help us with the excess food, it seemed Michael had a good suggestion with that. So, here it is, mostly finished with the introduction.
If you belong to a church, fraternal order, club of any kind, remember that the good old Covered Dish Suppers were the best way to get people together for pure fun and idea exchanges. Promote them, but when doing so, be sure to remind the seniors, and all, that they are welcome whether they bring food or not: their appetite and company are most important, and they can make someone happier by letting them bring you to and from the supper! Just ENJOY!
Jack Stephenson