All that phony talk of liberties meaningless because he's Muslim

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To the editor,
I was humored by the folks on the right who consider Senator Ayotte an actual representative of the people. Evidently, according to her, she is fighting out of state interests in the gun control battle. Out of state? Like energy corporations and gun nut groups? Marland's cartoon in the Monitor was simply brilliant because she is a lapdog of the NRA just as she is lapdog of corporate lobbies. She ignored 89 percent of the people when she voted against expanded background checks. Ayotte ought to go.
Her latest legal gymnastic stunt is joining Peter King, Lindsay Graham and ole crab-king himself, John McCain, in pushing for the Boston bomber to be considered an "enemy combatant". Really? It was only two months ago and the far right was apoplectic about the presidential use of drones. All of the tea party and pseudo-constitutionalists were crying about how every American citizen has to be given their unabridged constitutional rights. Now, of course, because the bomber is a Muslim, all that phony talk of liberties is meaningless.
Did anyone notice that John McCain wants to put troops on the ground in Syria? Are we really that stupid? He certainly is.
James Veverka