28 dogs & cats were given their rabies shots at Saturday clinic in Bristol

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To the editor,
The Bristol Lions Club held its annual rabies clinic at the Bristol Fire Department on Saturday, April 27. Dr. Steve Westland and his assistant Heather, along with Brooks and Cheyene, got the job done. Twenty eight dogs and cats were given their rabies shots. Some were a bit more cooperative than others but the bright, shiny day, along with Dr. Westland's quiet manner, helped. As the firefighters were out on an emergency medical call and the station was locked, we improvised. Volunteer Dan Arsenault borrowed some chairs from Parkhurst's. Many thanks to Fran for loaning the chairs.
Lions and volunteers included in the group were Paula Denning, Gerry Gagnon, Terry Phelps, Dan Arsenault and Joe Denning. Our Members and Volunteers filled out forms, held pets, and otherwise made the event a success.
A great big thank you to Dr. Westland and the Bristol Veterinary Hospital, the Bristol Fire Department and Parkhursts for providing this valuable service to the community Most thanks go to those folks who brought their pets in to receive their rabies shots.
Joe Denning
Bristol Lions Club