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A $95 fine won't force 1 healthy person to buy health insurance

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To the editor,
Recently I wrote about the endless cycle of broken promises Democrats have made for the past 75 years to bring equality to the people whose best interests they forever claim to represent. The newest donkey EQUALITY "claptraption" is Obamacare — SIX NOVELS worth of rules/regulations that tie the health care industry and employers up in knots with waivers, pardons, exceptions, fines, jail time and NEW TAXES by the bucket full. We all wanted health care changed because it was TOO EXPENSIVE. Even Obama admits his plan will do nothing to help that issue. Experts are predicting strong price increases in not only care but insurance. Before long you will be wishing for the good old pre Obamacare days when health care was cheap by comparison.
1. It will NOT produce equality in health care in America any better than any other "donkey dream" has ever improved equality.
2. It WILL produce a FORMAL, two tier heath care system between rich and poor. Identical to Europe where the wealthy pay retainer fees for no wait access and higher skilled care than all others get. It has been laughingly said pets in Europe get faster service and higher quality care than humans.
3. It WILL dramatically increase health care costs for the MIDDLE CLASS, who who will pay 98 percent of the expenses for 30 million freebies.
4. It WILL make health care less available than it has ever been in history.
5. It WILL produce less medical discovery and invention than we have experienced in the past 100 years because of new and excess taxation.
6. It WILL produce a health care system that works an 8 to 5 "shift employee" mentality, over-regulated, excessively monitored, aggressively taxed and likely to become unionized to assure high costs combined handcuffed to poor productivity are with us forever. The same EXACT issues that characterize the failure of macro education.
7. A $95 penalty will not force EVEN ONE HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL to buy health insurance.
8. Millions of people will buy insurance on their way to the hospital for surgery knowing they can not be declined — screwing all the other policy holders.
9. Within 10 years, only handful of health care providers will be left in America. Obamacare will produce the same risks in health care we have with banks. A tiny percent so large they control the industry. The disintegration of health care has already begun. Every small health provider is selling out to someone larger because they can not pay for costs of compliance and make a profit. We will have a WAL-MARTS of health care.
10. Obamacare will go BANKRUPT. It is not a question of "If" only " when". All Democratic ideas end just one place, BANKRUPTCY. You want the list?
Tony Boutin