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Blue Loon transit able to gain funding support from 10 towns

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To the editor,
I am you eyes, ears and contact for Carroll County's Blue Loon Transit.
Do you have a story to tell regarding how much you have come to appreciate the services that have been provided to you? Would you or your group like to know more about what is now available, how to use it, and what else is coming? Call me at 1-888-997-2020, X16, Carroll County Transit.
I have been involved with this evolving public transportation system from its inception and have been chairman of TCCAP's Transportation Action Committee for most of this time. TCCAP recognized the need for representation in our county. I have been working diligently with Bev Raymond, TCCAP Director of Transportation and other committee members to put in place a source of information to spread the word to everyone on how they can successfully use this very valuable service. This public transportation system is designed to provide mobility for all those in need of transportation, not only the elderly or disabled, but it is for anyone who needs to go to work, shopping, or medical appointments. We have a short video available on the TI-TV.com website that I recommend all municipalities link to on their websites, providing valuable information on the Blue Loon buses. If you would like more information about the service give me a call.
In our recent campaign for town funding we were successful in gaining support from the 10 towns that put us on their budgets or through warrant article petitions. Thank you for your support it is truly appreciated. Some of the more than 6000 riders could have lost their means of mobility, had we not been this successful. However, there are two towns who's residents are unfortunately going to loose their service by the end of June. We were unable to gain enough signatures to get the warrant article on the ballot, so Bartlett and Freedom service area will be eliminated unless like last year, private donors are willing to bridge the gap contributing $3,000. Hopefully, we can be successful for them next year.
Jack Rose
Carroll County Public Transportation