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You people can call it public tax money but you know it's not

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To the editor,
In response to Carlos Cardona's letter of April 27: Thank you for the lesson in school board democracy. I've never served on a school board. But I know this, by law we have to send our school aged children to school. Many cannot afford to send their children to private schools. In your letter of April 24 you said, "parents have the right to send there kids to any school they wish." That is indeed what this discussion is about. The law which both you and Sen. Hosmer seek to overturn has been a beginning to make that a reality to those of lesser means. As you and Sen. Hosmer would have it, this "right" is actually a privilege for those who can afford it. Most can't. If you can't and you cannot home school your options are to go to jail or send your children to a school which the U.S. Supreme Court has thrown God out of. When you throw God out; all kinds of evil moves in. I've seen the product of this illustrious school system and it's not good. Here's the thing: our schools train our future generation.
The Education Tax Credit Program is not a voucher program as you call it. It was crafted so that it is private donations that fund the scholarships so it's not public money. The donating company gets a 85 percent tax credit. The truth is under this law that money never makes it into the tax system.
Many people for good reason want to get out of the public school system. You people can call it tax money. It's not. I haven't seen the results of the vote but I'm guessing you can probably get the Education Tax Credit Program repealed, but it would be wise to leave it alone. For those who passed this Education Tax Credit Program legislation did us a good deed. The public school system can muddle by with less money if need be, but if we repeal this, it will be to our own hurt. God is indeed over all, that is not a debating point. Its just the way it is. If we continue to raise a Godless generation, 9/11, the Boston Marathon, you ain't seen nothing yet. My hands are clean. I have put the warning out.
John Demakowski