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He should have thought about services before moving to South Down

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To the editor,
Mr. Robert of South Down is correct that City Councilors Armand Bolduc and Ava Doyle do represent homeowners there, in addition to the rest of their respective wards.
He is correct that he has to buy a dump sticker if he wants to take materials to the Meredith Center Road facility. So do I and I don't live in South Down.
He is also correct that he receives no city services except for schools for the students who live there.
What he doesn't point out is that he should have known about the lack of city services, such as trash pickup and snow plowing before he moved to the private development.
And he should also know that South Down residents cannot keep people off the railroad tracks right-of way as they used to attempt to do when my children walked along the tracks.
Gordon D. King