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America's Islamic Trojan Horse indeed operates from White House

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To the editor,
Osama Bin Laden had outlived his usefulness and was sacrificed to help implant "Obama" in the United States.
Most of us have no idea how he was allowed to run for president but some of us do know how he got elected. (Maybe we need to use thumb prints, or finger prints — something irrefutable.)
There are the multitudes who "willingly" voted for him many times, and the machines that were fixed to count votes for him, instead of how "the people" voted. Then there are the "absentee ballots" sent in by his people instead of the ones whom they were purported to be from.
This is why he would not allow any forms of voter identification in this election.
Also, the "Educated Elite" have been leading our young people astray for decades and now have been taught to use "real" brainwashing. When the "brainwashees" go to the voting booth, their brain clicks into the mind sets and many votes by the way have been programmed in the schools.
For over 30 years they have been "brainwashing" some of them, beginning with the election or Bill Clinton. If you do not believe me, stop, and after you leave the voting booth read your ballot, before you put it in the machine the next time. It works on almost everyone, if you are under their influence, that is why Obama was elected.
What really scares me is how may in the military have been programed, and to what? He has orders to the military officers: "Agree to shoot American citizens or be kicked out of the service!"
Alan Keyes is right — America's Islamic "Trojan Horse" operates out of the White House.
Liberal-supremacy is the worst sucker ploy ever perpetrated.
Sarah M. Brown