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Inappropriate to fund Catholic schools with public money

To the editor,
Dear Mr. Demakowski,
I served on the School Board in Franklin for two and half years. I was the chair of the Policy Committee and a member of the Finance Committee. And no, I don't have have a religious prejudice, I was born a Catholic and still to this day consider myself one and am respectful of the religion.
I also run a business that employs about 140 people in Laconia. If the government wants to give small business tax credits why not give credits for giving money to public education that much needs it, especially in your hometown of Franklin. The reason schools are under funded is not because of performance. We citizens pay taxes so we can take care of our public schools. Funding is not automatically reduced if students perform poorly. There are also school boards elected to make sure the schools work and if the school board doesn't do its job voters can and will elect new members. That's one way how democracy works.
In response to your quick judgment, I am proud and happy that Laconia has a great Catholic private school that seems to offer more than just daily science and math but also a little bit of the faith that we all need. It's a poor argument to attack a public official on where he sends his kids. I've had the privilege to work in an after school program with another teacher from the private school. She was no different than a teacher in public school. But it is inappropriate to fund them with public money from all taxpayers. Under the voucher program, we taxpayers are paying twice; once in the tax giveaway to the business that gives money to the voucher, and second because over $4,000 is automatically taken away from public school funding for each student who leaves to go to a voucher school. Public money and incentives should be for public programs.
Carlos Cardona
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