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How many white conservatives are going around throwing bombs?

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To the editor,
Hey, what is it with these left-wing loony toons who immediately after the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon were writing and broadcasting about how they were hoping it was done by some white conservative American? There were many saying or writing it but for a couple examples. One genius from Current TV, Cenk Uyger, was "rooting for a non-Middle Eastern." He continued, "I know the way THAT American is reactionary."
Are you kidding me? This guy's some kind of nut!
Then from Denver, David Sirot said much the same and even had this to say: "If he's an Italian-American we won't bomb the Vatican." What a bigot!
You know I think the president has a good point on background checks. How did these guys get to be TV and radio commentators? There nuts!
Just how many white conservatives are going around throwing bombs compared to the Islamic terrorists? It has to be something on the order of a thousand to one, Muslim favor. Yet these jerks keep trying to portray we white conservatives as the bad guys. They have to be suffering from some kind of brain disorders or are just congenital liars and half wits.
Steve Earle