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Political correctness is blinding so many & aiding Muslim Jihad

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To the editor,
In the days weeks and months leading up to the Boston Marathon bombing, the hot media topic was gun control, or as it morphed — "gun safety legislation." Those proponents driving the issue cited the horrific shooting incidents at Sandy Hook and others as reasons to question the validity of the Second Amendment — yet again. These incidents involved one or two young, disturbed individuals who chose to commit multiple shootings of innocent people to put themselves into the public spotlight and to satisfy their personal agendas. The president, liberal legislators, and the "lame-stream" media used these murders as a catalyst and justification to categorize and to punish ALL gun owners for the shocking deeds committed by these few, sick individuals.
Fast forward to April 15th — the running of the Boston Marathon. Two young, disturbed Muslim individuals chose to set off homemade bombs, killing three and maiming over two hundred innocent people to put themselves into the public spotlight and to satisfy their personal agenda — JIHAD! The same people who felt justified to lump ALL gun owners with the few who chose to slaughter innocents, now rush to dissuade the public from the truth; this is one more Muslim terrorist action against the citizens of America. They say, "We must not rush to judgment!" We must not condemn all Muslims for what a few might do!" "This incident does not point to any larger group being behind it." Where is the consistency in this type of duplicitous logic? We now enter the Land of Oz: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
Once again, as in 9-11 and in so many other terrorist actions that have followed throughout America since then, we are told that it had nothing to do with Muslim Jihad. Political correctness is blinding so many people and is only serving those wishing to bring down our country. President Obama denies that there is outside /political/Muslim terrorism; so many people want to believe him and the "lame-stream" liberal media continues to feed the ignorance. While they are so determined to provide a murdering terrorist his Constitutional rights, there is NO hesitation (by them) to dismantle the Second Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens.
This speaks to a broader, deeper problem within our society. That "politics" is used against the rights of a select group of Americans, while protecting the rights, or even denying the existence of those who wish to destroy us is frightening. It is time to pull back the curtain and expose the "wizard."
Ken Knowlton