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I bet they don't even know what's in the bill Ayotte voted against

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To the editor,
It's great to see the local liberals writing letters because they are glowing examples of why the rest of us should reject their ideas. The recent barrage of anti-gun letters lacks any intellectual thought process toward solving the problems related to the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook and other gun related tragedies.
Chastising Senator Ayotte for voting against the proposed gun control bill is their latest senseless rant. For starters, even if Senator Ayotte discovered the cure for cancer these people wouldn't vote for her. Why? She's an evil Republican and if that's not bad enough, Senator Ayotte can read and make decisions based on logic. This simply doesn't work for liberals. According to them, it shouldn't matter that the proposed legislation wouldn't have prevented the tragedy at Sandy Hook. It shouldn't matter that the proposed legislation wouldn't save a single child from a twisted individual who is bent on killing people (with or without a gun). It shouldn't matter that we've had similar "tough" guns laws for years that failed to lower gun violence and in fact resulted in higher gun related violence. It shouldn't matter that the alleged 90 percent of "polled" Americans that favor back ground checks is proven to only be 49 percent, nor should it matter that few if any of them have actually read what was being proposed. It shouldn't matter that 94 percent of Americans do not see changing the gun laws as "important". It shouldn't matter that the proposed legislation includes provisions that would allow significant government intrusions that could go beyond the purchase of a gun.
No, facts and results are NOT important. Passing legislation that makes people "feel good" right now is the most important thing.
I'd bet that none of the clueless letter writers I referred to earlier have any idea what was in the proposed legislation that Senator Ayotte voted against. I'd also bet that representatives Shaheen, Kuster and Shea Porter don't know what's in it either but they would eagerly vote for it. Why? Because they blindly support Obama's failed "feel good" policies. One inescapable fact is that they are more responsible for putting more guns and ammunition on the street than the NRA or any gun lobbying group. Guns and ammo have been flying off the shelves in record numbers ever since the beginning of the push for tighter gun control (I can assure you that the NRA didn't start this campaign). You would think they would have learned a thing or two from President Clinton's push for gun control; he also created a huge gun buying spree when he too pushed for and achieved tighter gun laws which resulted in more guns on the street with no decreases in gun violence. When it comes to liberal Democrats, some things never change.
Terry Stewart
Alton Bay