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N.H. voters get the picture; we'll not forget Newtown child victims

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To the editor,
I heard our Sen. Kelly Ayotte on NHPR (lecturing voice) expressing her belief (out of touch) that an out-of-state entity (Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' gun-control effort) "can't tell New Hampshire voters how to think." This is Sen. Ayotte's reaction to a TV ad, sponsored by Rep. Giffords, victim of a high-powered gun assault. Sen. Ayotte — wake up. Or Sen. Ayotte — get honest. Ninety percent of Americans want gun controls, especially that reduce the number of bullets in a magazine. No one needs to tell New Hampshire voters how to think on this. We get the picture: mowing down people with machine-gun like rapidity is an insane capacity. Let us never forget the Newtown child victims. Only someone in the pocket of the NRA would cast her vote otherwise.
You should be ashamed, Ms. Ayotte, very, very ashamed.
Lynn Rudmin Chong