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It's up to you now Laconia, recycle or we'll have to have PAYT

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To the editor,
Laconia, put on your running shoes, or should I say your recycling shoes. The race is on. You are the ones who will win or lose the race. Mandatory recycling is the challenge and you must reach the finish line of at least 30 percent recycling to win.
What do you win? You win reduction in trash costs, thereby helping the city meet their financial goals, and you win for the environment. You win by accomplishing this without paying with cash for it. You win by your participating in your city, your home. It takes everyone doing their part.
If you lose the race, we will still have a recycling mandate but it will be Pay As You Throw because we didn't reach our goal.
I want to thank everyone who responded to this issue, on both sides, as it showed you are willing to get involved.
Stay involved, get running to the goal line!
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4 - Laconia