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Doyle & Bolduc represent South Down & Long Bay, or do they?

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To the editor,
After ready all of the articles in The Laconia Daily Sun, the biggest inaccuracy is the representation of the Ward 1 and Ward 6 councilors, Ms. Ava Doyle and Mr. Armand Bolduc. These are two of the three councilors who are against PAYT.
As people may not be aware, these councilors represent the entire population of South Down and Long Bay developments consisting of nearly 700 local taxpayers. This section of real estate pays more than 10 percent of the entire City of Laconia property tax revenues per year (over $5,000,000). Yet we get absolutely no city services for any of those revenues except schooling for a few children.
We have always had PAYT for rubbish removable. The city even "salts the wound" by charging each resident an annual dump fee and a recently increased per dump charge if we use the city's facilities, which we fund through our taxes. Otherwise, we must pay for a private trash service. It's a wonder they do not charge us to use their recycling bins. (Whoops!)
Therefore councilors please include our entire population as 100 percent FOR PAYT in any of your polling numbers regarding this program. Otherwise our polling numbers might be a little different at the next election!
R.J. Robert
South Down - Laconia