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If Obama really cared about saving lives there are things he could do

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To the editor,
President Obama is angry. A bi-partisan group in the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to pass a gun control bill that everyone agreed would not have prevented Newtown. Vice President Biden promises that the president will issue executive orders to make up for the Senate's failure to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens.
President Obama claims that opponents lied about the gun control bill. Well, that is the pot calling the kettle black. Lies are President Obama's forte! His claims that 2,000,000 felons have been stopped from getting guns by background checks and his claims that 40 percent of gun sales avoid background checks are misleading if not blatant lies. He falsely says the law would prevent a federal gun registry. The proposed law only makes it illegal for the Attorney General to create a gun registry, i.e., Homeland Security or other agency could create a registry.
Gun confiscations from law abiding citizens are already happening without warrants in NJ, NY, and California. Anyone who thinks that liberals don't want to take people's guns, removing their ability to defend themselves, is not listening. Each proposed gun control bill takes a little more of Americans' rights and abilities to defend themselves.
Of course President Obama was using grieving Newtown parents as political props! That's normal. He certainly didn't showcase anyone who opposes more federal and state gun controls. President Obama wanted Newtown parents to make senators vote for gun controls out of sympathy rather than based on the bill itself, the Constitution, or on the will of their constituents. President Obama was angry that the press pointed out that he was using Newtown parents as props.
Background checks are only part of the proposed gun control bill. Any claim that 90 percent of Americans support the bill is a lie. The bi-partisan group of senators who voted against the gun control bill, including Senator Ayotte, deserve our thanks.
If President Obama really cared about saving innocent lives rather than restricting people's rights, there are plenty of things he could do. He could make sure that felons who illegally get or try to get guns are prosecuted. He could make sure that people who commit violent crimes are kept locked up for long periods of time. He could encourage and help the mayors of America's large cities, where most crime occurs, get guns out of the hands of gang members and criminals and aggressively prosecute people who harm others. These are the things that a president would do if his real desire were to save the lives of innocent people.
Don Ewing