My understanding is no tax money goes to these scholarships

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To the editor,
In response to Carlos Cardona's letter of April 23:
If Sen. Hosmer put out the fact that his children go to a private school, in a campaign video, how is it that you say that it is no ones business?
Secondly, my understanding is that no tax money goes to the private schools "religious" or otherwise, through the Education Tax credit Program; the money comes from private donations. The companies that make the donation do receive a tax credit. I suppose that could mean that there is less money in the pipeline for the public school system. But the public schools are losing some funding for reasons of nonperformance (my observation). The state or local communities are sending no money to these private schools. If you are saying that the public schools loss of money in this case equals state funding of religious education maybe your prejudice against religious education, or your zeal for public education, is causing you to make a false assertion against this law.
John Demakowski