I apologize to Jack for assuming too much; I rather liked the poem

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To the editor,
Perhaps I do owe Jack Polidoro an apology. If he was being sincere about that one sentence in his poem, which included three references that the left began harping about within hours of the Boston terrorist atrocity, then I do apologize for "assuming" too much. I was incensed at the audacity and insensitivity of mainstream news sources in either "assuming" or hoping that this massacre was caused by "right wing extremists". It appears I was wrong in "assuming" that he was jumping on that redundant and usually way off track bandwagon.
My frustration and anger at the constant barrage of false accusations and outright lies perpetuated by modern day liberals toward conservatives was wrongly vented at Jack and for that I am sorry. I will not hold my breath waiting for an apology from all those who were wrong about their racist and insensitive remarks toward those on the right including conservatives and tea party types in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack. Why anyone watches CNN or MSNBC is beyond me. I will continue to point out the fallacies of the revisionist spin put forth by those on the left. Those would be the ones who are politicizing everything. I just wanted to make that clear to Jack. Again, apologies to Jack and, as I said in my original letter, I rather liked the poem and believed it to be heart felt.
Russ Wiles