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Some small steps to make Messer Street safer for our children

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To the editor,
I have lived on the upper side of Messer Street for over 20 years. In those 20 years, I have heard and witnessed several accidents. But, never a fatal one. Until now. Sadly... just recently, we lost a darling young girl — Lily Johnson. My heart and prayers go out to the family.
To the city of Laconia: I have a few suggestions that may slow down any more accidents in the near future.
1. Install a blinking yellow caution light at the entrance of Opechee Street. To remind all drivers of the speed limit of 30 MPH.
2. Place a police cruiser nearby to enforce that speed limit.
3. Put a crosswalk at that corner with a traffic officer to assist the children in crossing that street.
4. Make sure that the safety of our kids comes first at any intersections, or crosswalks before any business growth.
These small steps are being used at our other three schools in this city. LMS should not be any different. The population of this facility certainly warrants a harder look by our City Council.
For Lilly, a tree could be planted at any designated place in our city in her memory.
I am positive that the citizens of Laconia would be more than willing to donate monies for that purpose. Or something else... I don't know.
Again, These are just some ideas to ponder for the years to come.
Think about it ... PLEASE!
Donald Isabelle