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Aso we just blew $1,000 for useless meeting & will have to hold another

To the editor,
The Belknap County Delegation was summoned to meet Wednesday April 17 to hear a plan that could save the taxpayers of the county $200,000. That sounds great, something I'd like to hear about, as I'm focused on getting the most out of hard earned tax dollars. The delegation heard an overview of a plan to fill empty beds at the county nursing home which will bring in $400,000 while only adding $200,000 in expenses. Sounds good so far, but the devil, as they say, is in the details.
When asked about the details, the delegation was told that the administration didn't want to expend the effort without getting a sense of the delegation's thoughts on the matter. Okay, well, it sounds like we should consider it, after all, it might save the taxpayers a pretty good sum of money. So, then we'll need to plan another meeting and get all the details of the plan together and invite the public. When asked when we might be able to get the detailed plan, the answer was, the administration can have it for you tomorrow!
Wait, what?
The administration can have the details Thursday that we could have used Wednesday night to make a well reasoned decision. So, my dear Belknap County taxpayer and fellow delegates the Commissioners just blew $1,000 for a useless meeting and they are going to drag the public out to a meeting where the delegation will discuss for the first time the details of this plan.
Rep. Mike Sylvia
Belknap District 6
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