Don't the poor & senior citizens ahve a right to be heard anymore?

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To the editor,
It's no surprise to anyone that the people who promised to protect all of us and be there for seniors have forgotten their promises when they ran for office. A person writes to the manager at a housing project and is ignored or yelled at. Then they go over their heads and write to their senator, then are told to write to someone else, then they write to someone else and are told we don't handle that, please write to the governor. Then they tell you to write to someone else, and the pattern continues endlessly without any answers. Hoping that a some person will give up it is suggested that you write to the governor again.
Don't the poor and the seniors have a right to be heard anymore? Or is it just the rich who get what they want? Shouldn't be that way. If these seniors had not worked all their lives and paid in to Social Security, where would the people who are getting to retire now be? Seniors should be respected and taken care of, and listened to. They have feelings too! They should not be yelled at, ignored and have to live with nasty community rooms with spit and tobacco all over the table and floor. They should have have to listen to filthy language all day or not be able to take their grandchildren in the laundry or mail room because there is a person yelling and screaming nasty words. We need managers who care about the people in housing. It's not just a job, for the money you have to care about the people. And we need people who are in charge of these managers to make it easier for the tenants to make complaints and be heard. Someone needs to care!
Diana G. Caldwell