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Where Senator Hosmer's children go to school is nobody's business

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To the editor,
It looks like the far right in the Lakes Region has woken up again and is taking shots at Senator Hosmer for where he sends his kids to school. That is nobody's business; parents have the right to sent their kids to which ever school they wish, and the writers' charge stinks like all other red herrings. The real point here is that the government is not supposed to send taxpayers' money to organizations that teach kids narrow and biased religious points of views. The N.H. and U.S. constitutions prohibit such a practice.
So where are the defenders of the Constitution when you need them? The last legislation session did many things to harm our state and our Constitution and it's about time our representatives start doing the right thing. So thank you Senator Hosmer for trying to right a wrong. If HB-370 becomes law, $90 million that would have been taken out of the N.H. public school system will stay in our communities helping all kids become better students and giving teachers the funds they need in order to get their job done.
I have worked and volunteered in two different school systems and N.H. schools are in desperate need of funds to get our kids headed in the right direction. Many times I saw teachers getting laid off because it was the only option in order to save money for other programs, and many after school programs are left in the dark because of lack of money. Our kids should be focusing on studying, not on fundraising to get their favorite extra-curricular activity that keeps them in school.
Keep up the good work, Senator Hosmer. Thank you for keeping your pledge to put N.H. kids first and to defend our Constitution.
Carlos Cardona