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Mr. Wiles missed the boat & could use reading comprehension class

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To the editor,
This past week I submitted a poem ("Boston Massacre Revisited") for publication in reaction to the Boston bombings on Marathon Monday. As a writer, it was merely a poem of grief, and not a letter to the editor. It required no rebuttal. It was placed in the "letters" section by the editor hence the inevitable rebuttal by the likes of Mr. Russ Wiles, a "frequent contributor to The Sun," who politicizes and "rebuts" everything, no matter what the subject or origin... and often weekly. For him everything written by others is politically motivated or has a hidden political agenda.
His manufactured attack analysis of me and erroneous supposition of virtually everything I wrote in the poem was wrong on all counts. Yes, the Black winner was in reference to the Marathon winner; Yes the 15th was coincidently Tax Day and Marathon Day; No it was not a slam on conservatives in any regard. All people dislike taxes! Anarchists can be national or international in origin and non-party affiliated hence at the time of the poem, the authorities had no clue who had successfully completed the acts of terror — one or more people.
Patriot's Day and Marathon Day is a special day in America, for some 100 plus years; a Boston tradition, thereby "someone evil of any origin" could seek to make a profound statement/impact on that day where patriotic Americans are gathered in celebratory fashion, en masse. I merely questioned the timing of the event and stated the hypothetical motives — clearly in the poem...at least clearly for most readers!
Basically Mr. Wiles's diatribe about the left, Chris Matthews and Rahm Emanuel and "leftists" in general were irrelevant to anything related to my composition. As is often seen in print, Mr. Wiles just "vented" without just cause — chastising me sans one compliment that reminded me of the Italian expression: "kiss on the cheek, and then slap in the face." You couldn't be further off the mark in your letter, Mr. Wiles — basically reflecting total ignorance of the poem's meaning and intentions, as well as its therapeutic value for some readers.
Thank you to all that contacted me directly with compliments on the composition. Even high school children who take reading comprehension classes identified with the meaning of the poem.
Mr. Wiles missed the boat and could benefit from a similar class, but resorted to turning "a simple poetic statement of profound remorse and anger regarding the tragedy in Boston" into unjust criticism of my heartfelt feelings and sympathetic creative prose which was cathartic for me personally (and apparently for others). You see Mr Wiles, for years I stood by the finish line, feet from where those people died or were maimed — years that were precious to me annually, when I worked in Boston/ Cambridge at Arthur D. Little. I almost went this year. Never again will I stand where I used to at the race, near the finish line. Two terrorists ruined that for me and my children, forever.
Jack Polidoro