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Biggest problem we have in this country is 'mainstream' media

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To the editor,
It's been a tough week for the far left wing, racist, race-baiting American haters. Since the atrocities committed on Monday, April 15 by Muslim extremists, the so-called mainstream media waited just about 12 minutes after the bombing to proclaim it was most likely the right-wing American extremists. CNN was the first, followed by MSNBC, Diane Feinstein, All Sherpton and all the other unusual suspects. Then we have this for left-wing America-hating racist David Sirota writing, "Let's hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American."
What? Really? Someone want to tell me that's not racist? And he gets a pass from the press and our congressional leaders. If Rush or O'Reily said they hoped it was done by Muslims or African American's OMG! the sky would be falling. There would be federal investigations then on the hells of this. Tainted letters are sent to President Obama and Republican Senator Roger Wicker. Who sent these letters? Liberal Democrat activist Kenneth Curtis. What do we hear from the media? Silence. So once again we have these inconvenient truths that the far lefties have to digest.
In my own opinion, we have a bigger problem in this country than even Washington, its called the ?mainstream media". Until something is done about this cancer, the further decay and erosion of this once great country will continue.
Jay Kennedy