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Like many, we live on Social Security & we don't want PAYT

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To the editor,
It looks as though what people want has no impact on some councilors and the mayor, from reports that we hear. The majority of the home owners do not want pay-as-you-throw and we consider ourselves among them. Like many of us, our Social Security is our main source of income. We can't understand how may of our elected officials, not likely in this position, can ignore our status and minimize the effect that all these accumulations of seemingly insignificant increases have an impact on what we have to spend on food, gas, etc. One little increase that comes to mind is the 30 percent sewerage rate on our water bill.
They will tell us how much each of these bags will cost us, which is a ridiculous amount compared to what we pay now for the bags that we use. A 30 gallon bag costs 11 cents at BJ's in comparison to what our pretty pink bags might cost. It's been pitched as a great way for the city to make money. Is that what our purpose is in life?
Could we afford a few pennies on our tax rate instead to balance the cost across the board. Heaven forbid that it might impact the almighty Tax Cap.
If PAYT is instituted, down the line, we can look forward to the problem that Concord now has. As was recently written in the Concord Monitor, they have decided to hold the price of bags at $1.00/15 gal. and $2.00/30 gal. for another year. The following statement was, "We're going to hold off this year, but it's certainly plausible to think that it could go up next year."
Concord city officials have also discussed whether merchants should be permitted to charge a "convenience fee" for their purple pay-as-you-throw bags. Currently businesses sell the bags as a public service and do not earn a profit. These bags have been used since 2009 and some merchants say it's difficult to continue stocking the bags at no cost. Could this possibly happen to use in Laconia? NAAAH it seems like our only ones to bee fit from PAYT will be the city and merchants, with our generous support.
This whole approach is an insult to the people, such as ourselves, who have been recycling as far back as the 1970s. For all our efforts we are being penalized by PAYT.
For the above reasons, we request that the mayor and council vote against PAYT.
Fred & Eileen Mason