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I am appalled & disgusted by Sen. Ayotte's vote against gun bill

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To the editor,
A simple Facebook post to help the victims of Sandy Hook quickly escalated into the 26.4.26 run on April 14th, the four month anniversary of the attack. The response was phenomenal, and while everyone who lives in the Lakes Region knows, this area responds to crises with compassion and caring and action. But this tragedy deeply touched all of New Hampshire, and the response came from well beyond our borders as well. Fifteen hundred participants from 78 school districts across the state raised $31,000. Why? Because we felt the pain of those affected and wanted to do something to ease that pain and suffering.
Sandy Hook. Those two words conjure up scenes and emotions for the victim's families we will never truly comprehend. And yet these same families, despite the literal cry in their voices to make their children's and loved one's deaths not be in vain, had the raw courage and fortitude to get legislation passed that would at the very least require background checks for gun purchases.
And were denied.
As a resident of our very caring state of New Hampshire, as evidenced by the turnout for 26.4.26, I am appalled and disgusted that one of our senators, Kelly Ayotte, voted against this bill. Ninety percent of the people in the nation supported passage. She was well aware of the effort and tolls it had to have taken on the victim's families working with Washington bureaucrats despite their devastating losses. Never-the-less she still chose to shoot down the legislation and the families in favor the NRA. Does anyone honestly believe that Ms. Ayotte was representing a majority of New Hampshire residents with her vote? She sure as heck wasn't representing me, and for all who would agree, please remember that at voting time.
Everett McLaughlin