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Let's hope we'll vote Sen. Ayotte out of office next time she runs

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To the editor,
Shame on Sen. Kelly Ayotte for voting to block gun safety reform. It's a disgrace that a small group of senators were able to block life-saving gun legislation. Background checks are common sense — and they work. If we are required to register our cars (which also occasionally kill), why shouldn't we be required to register our guns?
Sen. Ayotte decided to stand with the NRA's lobby for the profit of the gun industry, and reject expanded background checks, even though 89 percent of the people in New Hampshire supported it. Because of the cowardice of Sen. Ayotte and others like her, 33 people per day will continue to be murdered with guns every single day of the year — that multiplies out to over 12,000 people per year killed by needless gun violence!
If we as American citizens are devastated by the bombing violence that killed 3 people and injured 170 during the Boston Marathon incident, how much more should we stand firm to support, in any way possible, the saving of 12,000 lives every year that are now threatened by gun violence?
Let us hope that the 89-percnet of NH voters who support better gun safety laws will remember this shameful action of Congress — and vote Sen. Kelly Ayotte out of office the next time she runs for re-election.
Charlotte Cox