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Please, senators, don't side with thugs, rapists & murderers

To the editor,
Open letter to the Senators of the N.H. legislature:
In the recent past there was a hearing on HB-135 — legislation to repeal a law that has had less than a year of testing in this state. The turn out at the hearing was overwhelmingly in opposition to this piece of legislation. Sadly a majority of our House of Representatives decided it was better to side with thugs, rapists and murderers than to stand with the majority of the citizens of New Hampshire. This bill is now coming to you. Please do several things when you vote on this on Tuesday, April 23: please do not take the step to make law abiding citizens criminals for defending themselves in any place they have a right to be; please review the facts that, since this law was put into effect here in N.H., there have been no incidents in N.H. to warrant its repeal, and, even more importantly, do not stand as a friend to rapists, murderers and thugs — stand by the citizens of this state and kill this bad legislation!
A. C. R. Piper
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