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Saddam had WMDs during war with Iran; we supplied them

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To the editor,
I was looking at the letters to editor online and was going to skip "1600 year wars" but noticed my name was the first word in the sentence. I started reading the letter and got to thinking about the little tin toy with a crank on the side. As it was cranked the tune (Round and Round the Mulberry Bush) at the end up pops Jack the Weasel.
I was not interested in the history lesson any more than I was to read your income tax return letter — what garbage. Jack was correct, Saddam had WMDs during The Iraq Iran War, all supplied by USA. Jack calls me a liar and fool throughout his letter. His version of events are all his opinion. I spent 8-10 hours reading many articles and my letter contains quotes copied off web pages. His opinion on WMDs and inspections that followed are false. Jack, read the web pages as I did to get the truth and give reference to where your opinion came from.
In the meantime, I feel you are a instigator and also add you to my list of pathetic liars along with Mr. Wiles and Mr. Earle. You wouldn't know the truth if it tapped you on the shoulder. Honest writers, you call them! Jack,did your mother ever tell you to speak only when spoken too? I wrote a letter to Mr Earle, which was answered by Mr.Wiles. I answered his concerns, asked him how many of the 30 GOP governed states voted for President Obama . . . no answer. His next letter prompted me to write the one you found fault with and you answer that one. It looks like you are the spokesman for your little web of liars. I have had a few 2-minute conversations with Mr.Earle. Now when he sees me, he runs faster than a pit bull who just got introduced to turpentine.
Finally, I hope you read the fine column written by Pat Buchanan, twice GOP presidential candidate, who took George W Bush to the woodshed, spanked him, threw him under the bus and slowly put him under the rear wheels, got out and threw the keys in the woods and walked away.
Henry Osmer