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Newfound should not bare total wind turbine burden for N.H.

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To the editor,
Newfound Lake residents are outraged over New Hampshire's decision, which goes against popular vote, to move forward with these next three wind project developments. One hundred and twenty plus wind turbines in this area will surely have a negative impact on our tourism.
Outsiders, looking in, can clearly see that residents are against these next three wind projects. Voters showed they clearly oppose them, surveys identify that residents oppose them and "the talk of the town" clearly shows opposition to these projects. Many New Hampshire officials have also stated that they are overwhelmed by the sheer number of letters they've received from residents opposing wind farm expansion plans around Newfound Lake.
Residents are also starting to raise concerns that the wind farm developers are offering so-called community benefits (also known as bribes and kick-backs) to local institutions, business owners and residents. It's being seen as an inducement not to object. Residents are shocked that developers are pursuing their plans in this manner, especially since they clearly stated upfront in multiple public presentations "we will not build here if the people do not want us to".
Contrary to what many believe — many residents here believe in "green energy" and we have proof of that. Look at how many biomass plants we have in our community already. Many residents also believe that wind farms should be limited — limited by how many turbines can or should be proposed for one community.
Newfound Lake should not bear sole responsibility for the majority of New Hampshire's renewable wind energy policy. That's just not a fair green energy policy, it should be spread out. The current plan clearly marks Newfound Lake as "New England's largest concentration of wind turbines."
As developers and politicians continue to push hard for these additional wind farms — I think it's time for politicians to start thinking about and talking "common sense". Have some common sense on spreading your green energy policy evenly across the state.
Wear our shoes for a day, stop looking at maps and come visit our beautiful lake. It's time you came to us... we have much to show you both during the day and at night.
Raymond Cunningham