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Democrat leaders called for Clinton & Bush to control Saddam

To the editor,
As per Henry Osmer's instructions, I searched Wikapedia trying to find where it says that the U.S. sent poison gas to Iraq. I didn't find it. I'm not surprised because this is the same false claim made by Leo Sandy a few years ago. He made that claim twice, about two years apart, and it was debunked then by several people, myself among them. What the professor said was poison gas, and I'm pretty sure Henry is basing this falsehood on, is that a ban on a chemical solvent used in the production of fertilizer, a color pigment stabilizer in paint and ball point pens and many other legitimate industrial uses, was raised. Unfortunately this solvent can and was used as a precursor in the production of Saddam's poison gas stocks. That's on him, not on us, not on Bush, not on Clinton, no one except the Iraqi dictator himself.
I don't know if Henry understands the differences here but make no mistake, it is NOT THE SAME THING.
Also just to be clear, I have 15 printed pages of quotes from Democratic leaders: Pres. Clinton, Sec. State Madeline Albright, National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Senators Carl Leven, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Nancy Polosi and many, many other Dems. attesting to the "fact" that Saddam Hussein had or was developing WMD. If in doubt, I invite Henry and others to go to:
There are also abundant sites with tapes and videos that readers can go to to see and hear these Democratic leaders saying this and calling for our presidents, Clinton and Bush, to take firm measures to insure that Iraq never gets nukes and to depose Saddam as ruler of Iraq.
I might suggest that before Henry again starts throwing around the accusation of liar he does a little more research other then just picking out what he thinks will provide cover.
Steve Earle
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