Conservative Republicans not about 'usurping'; we want a voice

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To the editor,
I would like to thank The Laconia Daily Sun for being such an important part of our community. Each day I read this newspaper and learn much about what is happening in our local communities and beyond. Indeed, its Letters to the Editor have been a wonderful way for people to communicate differing viewpoints. Dialogue is ALWAYS a good thing!
I also believe the recent article "Party Within a Party; Conservatives Organizing Separately" written by Michael Kitch was a fair representation of our phone discussion regarding the newly formed Belknap County Conservative Republicans. However, there was one important sentence at I would like to correct.
In the final paragraph of the article, it was written, "She said that conservatives were very successful in strengthening their presence in Alton at the town elections in March." Absolutely true. The next sentence, "They've totally usurped local government", is incorrect. I not only do not believe this but more importantly, this is NOT what Belknap County Conservative Republicans are about. Rather, BCCR is a group of concerned, conservative Republicans looking to build a voice in our local communities, county/state government and of course, our political party. No "usurping" necessary!
So, all in all, Mr. Kitch wrote a very truthful article about BCCR. I want to thank him for this. But, this one sentence at the end of the article, did not clearly define what was discussed and I wanted to set the record straight.
Rep. Jane Cormier