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Why is convention so determined to take money from employees?

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To the editor,
The Belknap County Delegation does not want to give any Belknap County employee ANY benefits, pay increases or any incentive to want to continue to work for Belknap County. No pay increase (cost of living), no longevity pay (for dedicated long-term service), no nothing! Just take more money out of their weekly paycheck to pay for the increased cost of health care insurance. So how much are Chairperson Worsman and the other convention members taking out of their weekly household income to match the deductions the county employees will take?
In none of the newspaper reports have I seen any mention that the County Delegation did a comparison of Belknap County pay scales with other N.H. counties. Are Belknap County employees overpaid? All they said is, we need to reduce county expenses so let's take the money from the employees.
The jail and nursing home staff work 24/7. Days. Nights. Weekends. Holidays. Birthdays. Etc.
Jail and nursing home staff get spit on, pissed on, kicked, punched, scratched, eyes and faces gouged, ears ripped and lots more, often going home to loved ones with broken eyeglasses, fat lips, bumps and bruises, broken fingers, etc., etc.. Maybe Rep. Cormier, who said she volunteers at the Nursing Home, has seen some of this wonderful treatment on the staff.
Now the delegation wants to hire and PAY for an ATTORNEY to fight the county commissioners, who want to adjust some line items so the county employees are not mistreated and neglected by the convention-approved budget. The commissioners are using only what the convention approved in the county budget. Why are the Belknap County Convention members so adamant about taking money away from the county employees?
The cost of the ATTORNEY will be an EXTRA expense to the county taxpayers and probably cost MORE than allowing the county commissioners to manage the budget.
What a Joke these Belknap County Representatives are proving themselves to be. I would be ashamed If I were one of them.
Jim Martel