Actually, it is gun control laws that are racist at their roots

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To the editor,
I am writing in response to George Maloof's letter about the Second Amendment being racist. It was apparent to me that Mr. Maloof has little understanding of the Second Amendment, the 1860s, or the history of gun control laws.
First, when the 13th Amendment that ended slavery was ratified, there was no possibility that the 2nd Amendment could or would be abolished. Most of the populace of the United States was armed, it being just after the Civil War. Many were veterans of that war, both Union and Confederate. The frontier was still open, territories will still being settled, and law enforcement was spotty at best. There was no way the states would have ratified a repeal of the 2nd Amendment under those conditions, Mr. Maloof's contentions to the contrary.
Second, gun control laws were first prevalent in the South after the Civil War. These laws were aimed at keeping the former slaves from being able to arm themselves. This was done in order to head off possible retaliation by blacks against whites, or at least that's how the idea was sold. A less openly known reason was that it prevented blacks from being able to protect themselves against the predations of whites trying to "keep them in their place."
Mr. Maloof, the 2nd Amendment isn't racist and never has been. It is the gun control laws you seem to love that are racist at their roots. Perhaps you should do a little more historical research before making such ill informed accusations.
Chan Eddy