Not one good reason to allow unfettered access to weapons

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To the editor,
The reason there is gun violence is because there are plenty of guns available to anyone who wants one, and in this case I agree with Rubio — background checks and mental illness treatment are not going to solve the problem. The Second Amendment was written in a time when there was no standing army, when a well regulated militia was necessary for the defense of the country, and when a foreign country had tried to disarm the citizens for the purpose of subjugating them. The crackpot theories that this government is trying to disarm people now is ludicrous and we have a standing army to defend this country. Assault weapons are fun to use and can be stored in secure places outside the home (a.k.a. powder houses) and people can be registered to have a weapon and each weapon can be registered for the use of the person.
The Second Amendment is being interpreted by 20th century ideas and for people who have suffered because of it there is not one good reason to continue to allow people, today, to have unfettered access to weapons that are destroying lives.
Leonard Campbell
Center Harbor