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I assume Polidoro was not referring to winner of the marathon

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To the editor,
On the afternoon of April 17, as I read Jack Polidoro's poem, I actually quite liked it, sorrowfully empathizing with his sentiments about this latest Boston Massacre. That is, until I got to the next to last stanza, where Jack revealed his true agenda. And I quote, "You selfish, simplistic, bastard of evil — Was it the taxes, anarchy, hatred for the black winner, America — What?
So Jack, as I sit this afternoon watching news reporters contradicting themselves about whether a suspect has or has not been arrested, let me make one likely assumption. While we don't know this person's evil agenda yet, I'm betting he hated this country rather than this country's president, as you suggest. I'm assuming you weren't referring to the marathon winner. Can I also assume by "anarchist", you were not referring to a "left wing" anarchist. Like the ones who tried to blow up the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota. Or the violent elements of the Occupy Wall Street movement where an activist affiliated party tried to blow up a bridge in Cleveland and others where arrested for possessing high explosives.
I wonder if Jack made the "taxes" reference after hearing presidential senior advisor, David Axelrod and Democratic representative William Keating. The two liberal types who made the insinuation that since this occurred on "Tax Day", that may be the logical motivation for this atrocity.
The Heritage Foundation reported that there have been 40 foiled terrorist plots in the United States since 2001. Even though most of them were would-be Islamist backed terrorist groups, the liberal media and politicians impulsively jumped to specious conclusions about some right wing extremist group as the evil conspirators, which almost always ended up being completely spurious in nature.
Undaunted by facts and history, Chis Matthews, famed MSNBC news anchor, falsely blurted out the following, "Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right". We know that far right bloggers say off the wall stuff about the left, but I would hope that Fox News, reliable conservative websites and Republicans have refrained from making false claims against the left after a terrorist attack or murdering spree. Something that the mainstream media and some Democrats have no compunction with making against the right, time and time again.
Sad to say Jack, you really blew your chance at lyrical splendor. You wrote a poem of some import that appeared to be heart felt and I have no doubt that it was. But then you opted for the Rahm Emanuel, "never let a serious crisis go to waste" mantra by slipping in your tasteless slam against conservatives. I suppose it may be hard to avoid falling into this sort of liberal trap when you have such rotten role models. I suppose you could blame it on them. That would be the progressive way.
Russ Wiles