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Do not write the obituary for our Year-Round Library just yet

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To the editor,
Dear Gilmanton Readers:
Do not write the obituary yet.
I love and support our library, GY-RL, the library in the barn. It took some 10 years to put together this fantastic institution, a full service public library that serves all, from the least of the least. I thank all the people who donated ideas, time, goods, services, and money to provide this gem in Gimanton's crown. It enriches the lives of many who use its services and by its very being improves property values and makes our town a more desirable place in which to live. I think the phrase "if you build it, they will come" is an apt description of what has happened since the opening in September of 2009. Reading the Town Report I learned the average monthly circulation is eleven hundred and there is an average number of seven hundred library visits each month.
Now comes the sad fact which you and I who love and use this library must remedy. Yes, we are in trouble. With a loss by 80 votes,the partial funding needed ($45,000) to keep the library open and staffed for the year is not available. We learned that the doors would close by November this year. There will be a number of fundraising events. Please attend and enjoy. However, that fundraising alone will not be enough. The sure thing that will keep our library from being mothballed, that will keep those doors open to the public is going to monetary donations. I am giving what I can. Please give what you can. Because the Gilmanton Year Round Library Association is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization your donations are tax deductible.
I look forward to seeing your at our library and long after November 1, 2013.
Brenda McBride
Gilmanton Iron-Works