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Local indoctrination centers not good enough for Sen. Hosmer's kids

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To the editor,
In write in anticipation of Thursday's N.H. Senate vote on HB-370, the Business Credit Scholarship legislation to KILL legislation that passed just last year and has not had a chance to prove itself.
Sen. Andrew Hosmer our senator did respond to my request to vote against the repeal bill, HB-370. He was kind enough to get right back to me. Unfortunately though, the letter which he sent me indicates he did not understand what I wrote.
Sen. Hosmer writes: "Our public education system is not perfect. It needs to adapt to a changing world. But scrapping it is not an option I support. The best way to serve our children, strengthen our economy, and protect our New Hampshire way of life is to invest in our public schools — not destroy them."
Senator, why then do you have your children in a private school? Your local Government Indoctrination Center is not good enough for you, and because you can afford tuition your children will not suffer in the government schools? I do not have children or grandchildren in Laconia. I fear for the children who are stuck in the GIC across NH.
More later.
Niel Young