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150 people making decisions for Sanbornton not enough; vote SB-2

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To the editor,
I am hoping that this year the majority of Sanbornton's voters will say yes to Question #1 which will allow us to adopt SB-2 on election day — May 14th. The adoption of SB-2 allows all residents to vote on the town budget in the privacy of the election booth on election day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Currently only those who attend the town meeting are allowed to determine decisions made regarding town policy, procedure and budget. There are approximately 150 Sanbornton residents who attend the town meeting, a poor turnout considering the town has 2178 registered voters , that allows a minority to determine how much money is going to spent and how much it will impact our tax rate.
SB-2 will allow ALL residents to vote on the town budget in the privacy of a voting booth and not allow a minority of town residents to determine how our tax dollars will be spent. The taxpayers of Sanbornton are entitled to our constitutional right to a secret ballot, not only on Election Day, but also when voting on a town operating budget.
This year the total recommended operating budget and individual and special articles together amounts to $4,732,201 dollars. All Sanbornton residents please vote YES on Question #1 to adopt this very important change. Let's put the control of the town budget in the hands of all town residents not just a few.
Please save this letter from your local newspaper and bring it along on May 14th election day !
Bill Whalen