Boston Massacre Revisited - A Finish Line Unfinished

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"Boston Massacre Revisited- a Finish Line unfinished"

Blood runs on Boylston, instead of marathoners-
The stain will never go away-
Patriot's Day, a family day will never be the same, ever, never again-

I had to stop watching the screen, the endless replays ad nauseam-

I could not see through the smoke-
Just a flash, then a white mist of carnage and the echoed screams in tandem, in the concrete and brick canyon-
No laughter, no rejoicing — "a Finish Line unfinished"-

White smoke, until now, always meant good to me-
A new Pope, not death-
But, I had to stop watching-

Where are you hiding? In a darkened room? In a bar?
"Alone" I suppose, smiling at a fifty-two inch, wide screen television?
How cowardly!-
Mumbling in irrational, celebratory faux dismay-

Are you gloating, cigarette in hand? Are you happy with the flat screen images? The crimson color everywhere — bone and flesh?

What neurons misfired in that simple brain of yours?
The fear of a knock on the door?
They are coming, you know — someone squealed, or will-

Innocence lost-
The death of a child, age eight, and others-
Patriots maimed like it was the "Boston Massacre" revisited-

Who would know you were lurking, hiding, planning deception and terror, then running-
A sunny day, warm day, a festive day — shattered into a black abyss!

Where are you hiding? In a darkened room?
Alone, smiling at the wide screen television? Flipping through the news channels — awaiting your fame? Your sinister " accomplishment?"
How cowardly-
You selfish, simplistic bastard of evil-
Was it the taxes, anarchy, hatred for the black winner, America — What?

Blood runs on Boylston, instead of marathoners-
The crimson stain will never go away-
Patriots Day, a family day, will never be the same-

Jack Polidoro