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Ms. McElroy using her right of free speech to try & infringe on other's

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To the editor,
The recent letter from Barbara McElroy of Rumney about the decision from the Supreme Court about Citizen's United makes it appear that this was merely a ruling about giving cash to political organizations. The fact is that this was a case about the 1st Amendment protection of Free Speech.
The federal government and the Supreme Court have recognized corporations as an identity that is afforded the protection of Free Speech but the McCain-Feingold legislation that limited Free Speech was struck down when a non-profit corporation, Citizens United was not allowed to broadcast a commercial bringing voters attention to the voting record of an incumbent candidate because it was within 90 days of the election. The court found that this was an unconstitutional infringement on the 1st Amendment and struck down that portion of the law.
The ruling also says that individuals or a corporation donating money to a group or individual is also an expression of Free Speech. I am surprised that someone would use their 1st Amendment right to Free Speech to try to rally people to infringe upon the 1st Amendment protection of Free Speech.
As to your other claims about how evil corporations are, I can only say that if people don't buy the products or services that kill people then they will stop selling those products or services. It's called the Free Market, unless you are talking about corrupt politicians that over-regulate business in this country? You make it sound like all corporations are evil and that automotive safety standards would not have happened without Big Brother helping out the poor unfortunate souls that don't know how to protect themselves. What about corporations like Tucker that tried to start an automobile company? All of the safety standards in our cars today are the same ones that Preston Tucker introduced in 1948.
The rest of your rant about wicked politicians sounds like you are talking about the Monsanto legislation that was initiated by an amendment to legislation and passed in the Democratic controlled U.S. Senate, which protects Monsanto Corporation from any lawsuits over people killed by their products. I don't know anyone that feels this legislation was right but it won't change unless we hold our legislator's accountable for their votes.
Greg Knytych
New Hampton