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Gun lovers are like pro-choicers, they don't trust any restrictions

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To the editor,
Gun lovers are like pro-aborts. Pro-aborts won't accept ANY restrictions on abortion because they don't trust pro-lifers to stop. They know that pro-lifers think abortion is murder and that a true pro-lifer won't stop until abortion is illegal everywhere.
Similarly, pro-gun folks don't trust anti-gun politicians one inch. Gov. Cuomo has spoken of confiscating guns. Mayor Bloomberg, while standing in the midst of Uzi-toting bodyguards whom we pay for, has said guns are unnecessary and dangerous. Pres. Obama, while surrounded by gun-toting secret service people whom we pay for, has said that guns don't keep us safe and that we shouldn't have them.
Gun rights have nothing to do with hunting. They have everything to do with fighting tyranny.
Why should a pro-gun person trust ANY politician?
Bill Taylor
New Hampton