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I see no reason to expect freedom we've enjoyed to continue

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To the editor,
The book of Revelation was written to correct and strengthen the church and to show us "what must take place." It shows us that the culmination of history is the opening, reading, and fulfilling of the Book of Life, actually it's a scroll. One of the things we see in studying the book of Revelation is that there are seven drivers of history that have been bound up as with seals on this scroll. These drivers are released into the world in their time when Jesus opens their particular seal. When Jesus opens the first seal a rider on a white horse is released. He has a crown and a bow and he is sent out to conquer. This rider is the focus of this letter. He is easily seen throughout the historical period from shortly after the time of Christ, historically speaking, until very resent history. I believe we first see this rider with the conversion the Roman emperor Constantine and the vision in the sky that he had, of the cross, and the instructions written in it: "by this conquer." With Constantine begins the succession of military victories won by nations of Christian cultures that ends with operation Iraqi freedom, all of which collectively this rider on the white horse represent. Some of the campaigns in this this succession are Charles Martel's victory over the Umayyad Caliphate at the battle of Tours, the Northern Crusades, the exploration and conquest of the new world, the United States push westward that has been know manifest destiny and the United States victory over the Japanese in W.W. II. The American Revolution was but a parenthesis in this riders ride.
It is important for us to know where we are in history, so as to know what is the proper response to the events of our time. I do believe that we have just ended an era. The American experiment founded on the conviction that God is not a respecter of persons, that God is a just God, and that government should reflect God's concern for the individual has been a by-product of this rider's ride. With the completion of this riders ride, which I believe has been terminated in operation Iraqi Freedom, I see no reason to expect that the freedom we have experienced as a consequence of the expansion of Christian culture world wide should continue; for the political philosophy that birthed our nation was from protestant Whig philosophers.
What to expect: Actual tolerance has been a Christian virtue; you will not see it any longer in the public sphere, only it's counterfeit. Orwellian euphemisms will replace meaningful dialog and critical thinking. Consolidation of political power into the hands of a few, for according to the new wave of political philosophy which is now taking hold, only a few holding to "progressive" doctrine have the understanding to chart the course of our nation's future. A new generation which does not understand what it takes to maintain liberty will support these.
Violent rebellion to restore what has been lost will not succeed for the for the first rider has completed his ride. Christians and men and women of moral conviction will find it necessary to choose civil disobedience and will be persecuted for doing so. Welcome to the End Times.
John Demakowski