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We're committed to rebuilding our properties as soon as possible

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To the editor,
To our many friends and customers and supporters: As many of you know, last week was a devastating week for us with two major fires occurring within days of each other. The first fire on Gilford Avenue was at our apartment building that was home to four families. Those families sadly lost their home and many of their belongings that night. The second fire destroyed the kitchen at Water Street Cafe, a business that we built in 1992 and a second home to our family.
We just want to say how grateful we are that nobody was hurt in either fire. We want to recognizethe Laconia Fire Department and Lakes Region Mutual Aid for their quick response and
efforts in both instances to keep the fire damage to a minimum. Thank you to the Laconia and Gilford Police Departments. Thank you to the American Red Cross. We also want to thank the many of you who have reached out to us in one capacity or another offering your services, your support, your kind thoughts and words, your hands and hearts. We are humbled by the generosity of those who have recognized the impact this has had on our lives and those we serve. We are most grateful for the wonderful community in which we live and we are committed to rebuilding the properties as soon as possible.
Please continue to follow our progress on Facebook or at our website or even better stop by therestaurant and say hello as we are working hard to repair, rebuild and reopen.
Ted & Jen Roy and family
www, facebook.com/waterstcafe