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Partnership Alton Police has with community is invaluable

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To the editor,
The two primary suspects in the strong-armed robbery and assault that occurred at TD Bank in Alton on November 28, 2012 have been convicted. Scott Prior pled guilty and will be serving 1 1/2  to 3 years in the New Hampshire State Prison. Justin Lavalley also pled guilty and will be serving 2 1/2 to 7 years in the New Hampshire State Prison.
Cpl. Dennis Orbino and K9 Officer Christian Johnson were the first responders to the incident. They were aided in their initial search for suspects by officers from the Gilford, Barnstead, and New Durham Police Departments. Due to some exceptional cooperation from a local business owner, Cpl. Orbino was able to obtain some video footage that proved to be crucial evidence in the case. Detective Jason Tremblay continued the investigation with skillful interviewing of witnesses and thoroughly following up on the myriad tips we received by the public. Det. Tremblay was able to effectively compile and develop all of this information to the point of identifying the persons responsible for these crimes, ultimately concluding with their convictions. The Belknap County Attorneys Office did a great job seeing this case through the judicial system ending with a guilty plea. This case is an excellent demonstration of the interagency support the Alton Police Department receives from the listed agencies, as well as the abundant concern and assistance provided by our local citizens and business owners.
Violent crimes like these put a rural community like Alton on edge. It is important to me that we respond quickly, using all of our resources, to resolve these crimes. I am pleased with all of the work my officers put into this case and commend them for a job well done. I appreciate all of the community support and assistance provided by residents and local businesses. The partnership our agency has with the Alton community is invaluable and I hope that the relationship continues to prosper as time goes on. We will continue to work hard serving the community, meanwhile sending a message to those unsavory individuals that Alton is not a community that will be victimized by crime and that we will work diligently to prevent it.
Chief Ryan Heath
Alton Police Department